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The Smart Stepdad: Are You Ready to Remarry? - Ron Deal

Ron Deal says he has talked with a lot of people who have been through a difficult first marriage that came to an end, and have been in too big a hurry to find someone...

Your Stepfamily, Standing Strong (Part 1) - Ron Deal

Regardless of the circumstances, you may find yourself in a Brady Bunch of your own today, one that looks different than the TV family looked. Here is Ron Deal.

Your Stepfamily, Standing Strong (Part 2) - Ron Deal

One of the big issues for children in a stepfamily is trying to figure out where their loyalties lie.

Your Stepfamily, Standing Strong (Part 3) - Ron Deal

One of the unique dynamics facing a stepfamily today is the ongoing conflict that can exist between former spouses and the impact that conflict can have on children.

What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him (Part 1) - Byron Yawn

Every father leaves an indelible mark, an impression on the heart of his son, for good or for evil.

What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him (Part 2) - Byron Yawn

As a dad, how much time do you spend correcting your boys versus the time you spend affirming and encouraging them?

Dating and the Single Parent - "Coupleness" Doesn't Equal "Familyness"

Rhonda Williams lost her husband, Tom, to cancer after more than two decades of marriage. Her pastor, Rob Bugh, lost his wife to cancer, as well.

Stepfamilies and Holidays: Blending Your Family Traditions - Ron Deal

Bob and Vicki Maday married late in life. Both had lost a spouse; and Bob says neither of them were prepared for the impact the holidays would have on their attempt t...

The Smart Stepmom: How to Avoid Becoming a Wicked Stepmother

What do you do when you’re a stepmom and the thought of just going home makes you tense up?

How Blended Families Function

When Steve and Misty Arterburn married, they brought children into the newly-formed blended family, but Steve says they wanted to make sure that the children knew what...

Blended Family Tips: Marriage Matters

Children who have experienced the loss of a parent, either because of death or divorce, have experienced some level of trauma as a result of that loss. Steve Arterburn...

Step Grandparenting

When two families merge—when they blend—and now there are stepchildren and stepsiblings—one of the forgotten parts of this equation often, is the new step-grandparents.

Putting Your Spouse in the Front Seat - Ron Deal

In a single parent family, it’s not uncommon for a child to sit in the passenger seat while mom or dad are driving.

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